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ITT Installer Network

We are pleased to announce that we now have a national network of Installers that look forward to fitting your tyres for you. Our Installers come highly recommended from the most important people in our, our customers. That's right! we rely on your feedback and recommendations for who we should go into business with.

We personally go and visit the recommended Installer no matter where they are in Australia to ensure that our high standards are met. When you search for your nearest Installer through our site, you can be sure your dealing with a great business that cares about you as much as we do.

What is an ITT Installer?

An ITT Installer is a professional mechanic, tyre shop, or place of business proficient in fitting tyres for our customers. Each Installer is carefully chosen and is seen as a business partner in helping our customers get the very best service and value. We visit in person each and every Installer before signing up, to ensure that our high standards are met.

How do I find my nearest Installer?

There are 2 easy ways to find your nearest ITT Installer on our site.

  • At the very bottom of our webpage under Customer Service, you will see our Installer Finder page. Once you are there enter the postcode and suburb and click Search then it will find the closest ITT Installer.
  • At the Checkout, Step 3: Delivery Details section under 'Please deliver my order to the nearest ITT Installer' option.

How much will it cost me to have my Tyres fitted with an Installer?

All our Installers have agreed on a fixed fitting price. So no matter where you are within Australia, you can rest assured that you will only pay the advertised below rates:

  • Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicle (up to 16 inch) @ $20
  • Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicle (17 inch and over) @ $25
  • 4x4 and SUV @ $25
  • Run Flat @ $30

Price is per tyre includes fitting, balance & a new rubber valve.

How do I organise for my tyres to be delivered to an Installer?

During the checkout process, under Step 3: Delivery Details section, just select the 'Please deliver my order to the nearest ITT Installer' option. Enter your postcode and suburb then select the Installer you want to have you tyres deliver to.

How do I pay for fitting and other service charges?

All fitting of tyres and associated services such as wheel alignments, are to be paid directly to the ITT Installer at the time of fitting. Please contact the Installer for the payment method they accept.

How will I know when my tyres arrive at the Installer?

As soon as your tyres arrive at the Installer, they will call you on the number you have provided during the checkout process. The Installer will book you in for the fitting of your new tyres.

Can I purchase the tyres directly from an Installer?

No, our prices and stock is available online only through our website or our eBay store. Once you have purchased the tyres from us we will send the tyres to our Installer.

Can I pick up my tyres from an Installer without having them fitted?

No, tyres can only be shipped to an Installer, under the condition, that those tyres will be fitted at that Installer. By selecting an Installer as your delivery method, you agree to these terms

What if there is no ITT Installer near me?

We are always on the lookout for more quality Installers, please let us know where you are so we can setup one near you. If you happen to know someone who can provide fitting services please let us know who they are.